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New middle school reviews & video

Middle school applications are due Friday! We have a new video with tips on how to apply and 15 new reviews to help you make your choices.


Manhattan East, the Institute for Collaborative Education and the tiny Professional Performing Arts School accept applications from children in all five boroughs.

We visited two new schools this fall, PS 276 in Battery Park City and the Renaissance School of the Arts in East Harlem. Columbia Secondary School in Harlem is making a strong comeback after the tragic drowning of a child last year. MS 167 on the Upper East Side continues to attract neighborhood kids as well as students from across District 2. Salk School of Science is another popular District 2 choice; MS 54 attracts students from across District 3.


In Brooklyn, MS 35 in Bedford Stuyvesant is a turnaround story. We also visited MS 51PS 282, and MS 88 in Park Slope and the North Star Academy in Prospect Heights.


In Bayside, MS 74 has a strong art program and a growing emphasis on writing.


MS 118 in the Bronx draws bright students from across District 10. 

MS 181 in Co-op city has both gifted programs and special education for children from across District 11.

Watch the latest video: How to apply to middle school here.


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