Events from: 04/17/2017 to 04/23/2017

College & Scholarship Essay Bootcamp

Need to write your personal essay for college applications or for scholarships? Join us for this bootcamp workshop and get one-on-one guidance and tips and tricks on writing your essay. Registration is limited to 20 students! Call the Young Adult Lab at 212-340-0925 on weekdays from 2:30 - 8 PM to reserve your spot.

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Citywide G&T panel discussion

There is going to be a Citywide G&T panel discussion and Q&A that is free and open to the public. Titled “The Parent’s Perspective on Citywide G&T Education,” it will include a panel discussion with parents from all five Citywide G&T schools moderated by Robin Aronow, Ph.D, an independent consultant and founder of School Search NYC. Parents from Anderson, BSI, NEST+m, TAG and The 30th Avenue School (Q300) will also be on hand to answer questions informally after the panel.

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District 29 CEC meeting

Join CDEC 29Q at the next Public Meeting AGENDA:  Meet the 2017-2019 CEC 29Q Candidates;  District 29Q Safety Report;  Information about the NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board.  Additional agenda items include: - CDEC 29Q President’s Report; - D29Q Community Superintendent’s Report; - CDEC 29Q Member Reports; - D29Q President’s Council Report and - Public Speaking Session.  CDEC 29Q Business Meeting immediately following.

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CEC5 meeting: Busing

April meeting of Community Education Council for District 5. PRESENTATION: Busing and Specialized Transportation, Ruth DiRoma, includenyc. Come share your experiences and lend your voice to this important conversation! For more information call (212) 769-7500 ext. 2053

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Queens: College admissions process

The Queens Parent Advisory Board hosts a workshop open to all Queens parents and educators on “the college admission process and how to fund your child’s college education”. This workshop will feature presentations from several guest speakers: Dr. Guillermo Linares – President; New York State Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) Will speak about Governor Cuomo’s Excelsior Scholarship for tuition free college education at New York State and City public universities (SUNY and CUNY) and how to apply, 529 College Savings Plan, and Governor Cuomo’s NYS Loan Forgiveness Program. Meylin Andares – Director of Enrollment Management & Student Success; State University of NY (SUNY). will speak on the SUNY admission process, financial aid, & the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). Clare Norton – University Director of Admission; City University of NY (CUNY). will speak on the CUNY admission process, financial aid, DACA, & the SEEK and College Discovery Programs. Shameek Robinson – Director of K12, NY State, and District Partnerships; The College Board, will speak about the importance of the SAT exam, the SAT score, and how to find free or low cost classes to prepare for the SAT exam. Michael Athy – Principal; Bayside High School will speak on taking college credit during high school, matching the right college to the students’ interests, finding appropriate scholarships & financial aid, and financial assistance for students. Susan Shiroma – Senior Social Sector Librarian; The Foundation Center will speak about private grants & scholarships for students who qualify and do not qualify for financial aid The Parent Advisory Board meeting will help clarify the college admissions process for parents, and offer guidance on how your child can apply for grants, scholarships, and other forms of financial aid that can help cover the cost of attending college. Please RSVP via email at or via phone at 718-286-2850.

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PEP meeting: school changes; capital plan

PUBLIC MEETING OF THE PANEL FOR EDUCATIONAL POLICY. Agenda: A. Chancellor’s Update B. Approval of Proposed 2015-2019 Five Year Capital Plan Amendment: C. Approval of Proposed Amendments to Chancellor’s Regulation A-125 – Non-Resident Enrollment: D. Approval of Contracts: E. Approval of Proposals for Significant Changes in School Utilization: F. General Public Comment

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City Council education hearing: sex ed; G&T

The City Council Committee on Education will hold a hearing about several items: Pro. Int. No. 1028-A: In relation to creating a sexual health education task force. Int. No. 1347: In relation to requiring the department of education to distribute information regarding the gifted and talented programs and exam. Res. No. 1415: Calling upon the New York State Education Department to convene a task force to assess the cultural relevance of state learning standards across subject areas in elementary, middle, and high school and explore the grounding of standards in core content that challenges racism, ableism, and sexism, and is LGB and TGNC-affirming.

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Schools closed for spring break

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