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E. H. Block School

1615 Madison Avenue
New York NY 10029 Map

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Our review:

The E. H. Block School closed after graduating its final class of 6th graders in June 2006. Administrators shut the tiny school, which was hidden away on the third floor of the well-regarded PS 108, to make room for PS 108's expansion to a K-8 school.

Opened in the 1970s, the Block School was known for strong teaching in an intimate setting, and its reputation as a worthy school has spread through word of mouth. With just seven teachers and 110 students, Block benefitted from a small size that attracted parents in the school's Spanish Harlem neighborhood.

The school was last led by director Doris Peters, whom we observed out and about in the school's hallways, conversing with children and staff. Students wore uniforms-- khaki pants and white tops-- and teachers seemed energetic. The hallways and classrooms were bright, well decorated, and filled with displays reflecting creative projects, adding to the atmosphere for which the school will be remembered. (Deborah Apsel, Ben Lockwood, June 2007)


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