Foundry High School

156-10 Baisley Boulevard
QUEENS NY 11434 Map
Phone: (718) 935-3609
Admissions: Limited unscreened
Neighborhood: Springfield Gardens
Grade range: 9
New School

What's special:

Humanities focus and portfolio development

The downside:

Metal detectors

InsideSchools Review

Our review:

Named after a metal working factory, Foundry High School offers students a chance to explore and create portfolios in courses such as environmental studies and forensics, or to follow their own interests with the help of an online learning model.

A student might design a green roof, for example, or lead a mock crime-scene investigation and write a report, according to the Directory of New Schools.

Opening in September 2014 and growing to only about 100 students per grade, Foundry was originally planned for Brooklyn, then changed to Queens. The school will pair students with a teacher-advisor for all four years and provide assistance in college planning beginning in students' freshman year.

Other offerings include PSAL sports, Spanish language classes and, as the school grows, advanced placement classes in biology, calculus, U.S. history, chemistry and more based on student interest.

The new school will be located in August Martin High School, a school with a unique aviation program, but ongoing issues with safety, discipline and order according to annual surveys. Students must pass through a metal detector upon entrance to the building, which also houses Voyages Prep, a school for older students who are behind in credits. The school day will be from 9:40 am to 4:20 pm.

We have limited information about this school because no representative appeared at the high school fair on the day we attended.

Admissions: Priority to Queens students or residents who attend an information session. (Lydie Raschka, Directory of New Schools and online reports, March 2014)


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