How to enroll in high school

  • Getting started

  • Weighing your options: close or far?

  • Next consider: large or small?

  • Exam schools

  • Audition schools

  • Other options

  • Making the most of the high school fair

How to appeal

If you are placed at a school that is inappropriate, ask your guidance counselor to file an appeal. While the initial placements are made by computer, human beings handle the appeals. Your guidance counselor may write a letter explaining why you need a different placement: get her on your side.

Reasons for an appeal You'll have the most luck with the following reasons:

Change of address, also known as "transportation hardship" (Your new address is at least 75 minutes distance from school. Or, the school's new address is at least 75 minutes from your home.)

Medical issue - you'll need documentation from your doctor showing that you have a medical condition that could keep you from attending your assigned school.

Lack of appropriate special education services or accommodations at the matched school.  Appeals for special needs students are granted primarily for students who need a specialized program that the assigned school doesn't offer, such as an ASD program for children on the autism spectrum, or a District 75 programl. 

Data entry error - your guidance counselor made a mistake when submitting your application.

Desire to attend one of the new small high schools (if the school's formation was announced after the official application process)

Safety - you'll need documentation, such as a police report or order of protection, to show why it would be unsafe for you to attend the assigned school. 

You can also appeal for other reasons and explain why you want another school. Was there something missing  from your first application, such as a big leap in your grades? Or, maybe you'd prefer to stay at your present 6-12 school than go to the school that accepted you.   If the school to which you were assigned does not have a college-preparatory curriculum, or advanced academics, that may be grounds for appeal as well. 

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