J.H.S. 143 Eleanor Roosevelt

Phone: (212) 927-7739
Admissions: Neighborhood
Wheelchair accessible
Principal: Lakisha Mcdaniel Luke
Neighborhood: Washington Heights
District: 6
Grade range: 06 thru 08
Parent coordinator: CECILIA ANGLERO

What's special:

Kids say teachers care about them

The downside:

Parents complain of fights and bullying

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Our review

A large percentage of children at IS 143 speak English as a Second Language. Many come from the Dominican Republic, and some have had a spotty record of school attendance in their home country.

The enrollment of IS 143 decreased dramatically from 1,500 in 2006 to fewer than 500 in 2013. The decline in enrollment is caused by two factors: gentrification, which has forced many families to move to cheaper neighborhoods in the Bronx, and the growth of school choice, which has allowed parents to enroll their children in other schools in the district.

IS 143 shares a building with the Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School, a popular and successful school serving grades 6-12.

IS 143 parents complain about fights and bullying and 30 percent say there is gang activity in the school, according to the Learning Environment Survey

On the positive side, students overwhelming say their teachers care about them and three-quarters say their teachers make them excited about learning, the survey said.

The school is part of the Middle School Quality Initiative, an extended day program designed to boost children’s reading skills.

Admissions: Neighborhood school.  (Clara Hemphill, DOE statistics and web reports , November 2013)


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