IS 383 Philippa Schuyler

Phone: (718) 574-0390
Website: Click here
Admissions: Brooklyn and Queens, screened
Wheelchair accessible
Neighborhood: Bushwick
District: 32
Grade range: 05 thru 08
Parent coordinator: David Grady

What's special:

Lots of music and trips

The downside:

Building shared with charter school

The InsideStats


Our review

Philippa Schuyler School for the Gifted and Talented offers art, dance and steel pan—the Caribbean musical instruments made of metal drums. The steel pan band is the pride of the school. [See YouTube video]

The school has plenty of hands-on activities and trips. One group of children went to Paris and Rome. Others visited the Antracite Museum, in Scranton, PA., to learn about mining and the textile industry. Students may take instrumental jazz classes at Lincoln Center.  

Jeanette Smith became principal in 2012, succeeding Barbara Sanders who had been principal since 2003. The school, which once was open to children from across the city, now only accepts applications from Brooklyn and Queens. Enrollment has declined in recent years, and the building is shared with a charter school, Achievement First Bushwick.

Special education: The school has self-contained special education classes, as well as a few children who receive extra services in regular classes.

Admissions: Open to student in Brooklyn and Queens. Applications are available at the school. Children entering 5th grade must submit applications by mid-Februdary; those applying for 6th grade must apply in December. The screening process includes a review of attendance and punctuality, a review of report card grades and standardized test scores and an interview. (Clara Hemphill, DOE data, school website, September 2013) 


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