An IEP describes the services your child needs to succeed. An IEP describes the services your child needs to succeed.

If you think your child may have a disability, ask your school, in writing, for an evaluation by a psychologist. A psychologist will administer a series of tests to determine what kind of extra help your child may need and whether further evaluations by a specialist such as an occupational or physical therapist, may be warranted.

You may prefer to have a private evaluation. Ask your child’s doctor for a referral. This is expensive, but will probably be more complete than the evaluation done by the Department of Education. You may also ask for a private evaluation at the city’s expense if you find the DOE evaluation is inadequate.

Once the evaluation is complete, the school staff will recommend an IEP (individual education plan). You must approve this plan. The IEP is a legal document that describes the services to which your child is entitled.

If your child’s behavior interferes with his education or that of other students, the school may request a functional behavior assessment.The school must develop strategies to address the child's behavior.

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