7th grade

❏ Get to school every day and on time.
❏ Use InsideSchools to start exploring your options.
❏ Put together a plan to study for the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT). Better yet, start studying!
❏ Collect your best work from 7th grade.
❏ Bring home a copy of the High School Directory, distributed to 7th-graders in June.
❏ Interested in visual or performing arts programs? Ask your art teachers to help you
compile visual arts portfolios and prepare for auditions.

Summer before 8th grade

❏ Put together a plan to stay organized throughout the fall
❏ Continue researching options on Insideschools.
❏ Browse the High School Directory
❏ Start weighing your options and creating a list of schools you want to visit.
❏ Study for the SHSAT.
❏ Rehearse for auditions and work on art portfolio.

Fall of 8th grade

❏ Check DOE’s calendar and individual school websites for
open house and tour dates.
❏ Sign up for school tours and open houses.
❏ Register via your MySchools account or with your guidance counselor to take the SHSAT and to audition for LaGuardia High School.
❏ Request needed accommodations for the SHSAT and LaGuardia audition (applies to
students with I.E.P.s or 504 accommodations).
❏ Keep studying for the SHSAT and rehearsing for auditions.
❏ Discuss high school options with your guidance counselor.
❏ Attend at least one of the high school fairs being held in each borough.

❏ Attend school tours and open houses.
❏ Attend at least one more high school fair.
❏ Confirm your SHSAT and LaGuardia audition accommodations.

❏ Sign up for interviews, take admission exams and assessments; keep track of dates
and deadlines.
❏ Get your academic work samples and portfolios ready and submit to individual
schools per their deadlines.
❏ Take the SHSAT (end of October for current 8th- and 9th-graders).

❏ Take the SHSAT (early November for students needing accommodations or granted a make-up test)
❏ Attend school tours and open houses.
❏ Attend interviews, submit work samples and portfolios and complete any other tasks that
individual schools may require for admission.
Finalize your list of schools and decide how to rank them on your application.
❏ Complete the application. Double check that you entered your choices correctly.
❏ Print or make a copy of your completed application for your records.
❏ Submit the application by the deadline (typically late November or early December).

December & January
❏ Wrap up your remaining interviews, auditions, exams and assessments.
❏ Relax and focus on other things. There’s nothing left to do until decision letters arrive in March.