The following is a paid message from The Charter School for Law and Social Justice.

The Charter School For Law and Social Justice offers a rigorous curriculum focusing on Law and Social Justice to its Middle and High School Scholars. A direct pathway to high school for their middle school scholars and a college course sequence for their high school scholars to earn college credits while attending high school. LSJ prepares its scholars for a successful high school and college experience. LSJ offers its scholars a guidance counselor per grade to support the whole scholar's development. They believe in their core values; Excellence, Character, Courage, and Commitment, with a focus on law and social justice. The school offers a complete sports program, after-school clubs, and STEM. According to the most recent DOE survey: 92% responded positively to questions about Strong Family-Community Ties. 97% responded positively to questions about Effective School Leadership. 97% responded positively to questions about Trust. 97% of students feel safe.

To schedule an in-person school tour, click here, and visit CHSLSJ.ORG to learn more about the school.