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Amber Charter School II Kingsbridge

3120 Corlear Avenue
Bronx NY 10463
Phone: 646-802-1140

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Enthusiastic parents and teachers

The Downside

Too soon to say

Based on the model of Amber Charter School in East Harlem, Amber Charter School Kingsbridge offers small classes and Spanish language instruction in all grades. Opened in Washington Heights in 2016, the new school moved to its permanent location in 2017.

Parents and teachers are enthusiastic. Teachers gave high marks to the administration in its first year and unanimously said they would recommend it to parents, according to school surveys. Parents flooded InsideSchools with positive comments. Class size is 23, according to the school website.

Principal Veronica Almedina was assistant principal at the original Amber Charter School in East Harlem which was founded in 2000 with support from The Community Association of Progressive Dominicans. 

SPECIAL EDUCATION: Special education services include counseling, speech, a special education teacher, occupational therapy and access to physical therapy off campus, according to the school website.

ADMISSIONS: Lottery. An application is available on the school’s website (Clara Hemphill, web reports, December 2017)

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Contact & Location


Kingsbridge (District 10)


Veronica Almedina

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