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Sex ed: Too little, too late?

Sex education classes will start in the spring semester at all of the city's public middle and high schools. When the initiative was announced in August, a poll of Insideschools readers showed that more than 40% of you thought these classes were long overdue, and another 16% thought that schools were already mandated to teach sex ed.

Today Gotham Gazette published an in-depth report, Sex Education in the City, which details the prevalence among city teens of sexually-transmitted diseases and quotes teachers and public health advocates who believe the mandated classes are not comprehensive enough.

All that is required under the plan is that schools offer "sex education lessons during one semester in both middle and high school," reports Gotham Schools, and parents can opt their children out of the classes.

Read also about the history of sex education in NYC schools, and about the mandated HIV/AIDS curriculum in the full report.

Last modified on Wednesday, 12 October 2011 15:57

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