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  • At PS 125, parents of different races work together

    Written by Mahalia Watson
    A multiracial group of parents in Harlem is working to reinvent their neighborhood school — with none of the rancor that has pitted newcomers and longtime residents against one another in other parts of the city. If you want to see the school for yourself, go to an open house Wednesday, Nov. 25, at 9 am, at 425 W. 123rd Street. The work by Black, Latino, Asian and White parents at PS 125 shows that…
  • Turning 5: Learn about special ed kindergarten admissions

    Written by Aimee Sabo
    Kindergarten application season will soon be in full swing—just around the time you’ve digested the last of your leftover stuffing. All families with a child born in 2011 should apply between Dec. 7-Jan. 15, 2016. For most families, this means scheduling tours, pouring through Insideschools reviews and playing with elementary rankings like a fantasy football fanatic. For families of kids with special needs, there are often more subtle, challenging considerations: What supports can my zoned…
  • Tips for how to rank your high school application

    Written by Pamela Wheaton
    High school applications are due on Tuesday, Dec. 1. Have you made your list yet? If you are still undecided where to apply, or how to rank your 12 choices, we've got last minute tips for you.  Read our school profiles for every high school in the city, including the InsideStats section that gives you answers to such questions as: Are graduates successful in college? Does the school have metal detectors? Click the Comments link to…
  • Applying to high school? Last chance workshop!

    Written by Pamela Wheaton
    If you have an 8th-grader, you're in the final throes of applying to high school. You've attended the fairs, visited schools, watched our videos, read our school profiles and marked key pages of the big school directory. What comes next? You've got to make final decisions and fill out an application. Insideschools can help. We're offering a last-chance workshop for parents and students! Join Clara Hemphill and the staff of Insideschools as we help you…
  • Busting the myths about high school admissions

    Written by Insideschools staff
    Applying to high school in New York City is a confusing process and there is a lot of misinformation out there. In a wide-ranging discussion last year at the New School, our panel of experts took a look at some of the most common myths—and busted them. We decided to rerun them for this year's 8th-graders facing down the Dec. 1 high school application deadline. 
  • College counselor: Use—and abuse—of underpaid adjuncts

    Written by Dr. Jane S. Gabin
    In this week's column, I would like to ask readers who are considering which colleges to apply to, to also consider another issue in the world of higher education: the persistent abuse of academic labor. As I write this, in New York City, members of CUNY (City University of New York) faculty and staff are staging a Nov. 4 protest against their low wages and lack of contract. Right now, there are 7,600 full-time CUNY faculty…

How to apply to middle school

  • What to look for on a school tour.

    Most schools offer tours in the fall. Some districts offer middle school choice fairs in the evening or on a weekend where you can meet the principals and students of a number of schools. Here’s what to look for: Quality of teaching Try to look… Read more and watch video
  • Zoned schools and middle school choice

    In some of the city’s 32 school districts, children are assigned to a middle school according to their home address. In others, children must apply to middle school (although they are guaranteed a seat somewhere in the district.) To find out whether your child has… Read more and watch video