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  • Child turning 4? Get ready to apply to pre-k!

    Written by Insideschools staff
    Stay focused, parents of kids born in 2013—the pre-kindergarten application season will be in full swing around the time of the U.S. presidential inauguration. For most families, this means scheduling tours, pouring through InsideSchools reviews and playing with up to 12 rankings like a fantasy football fanatic. The application window is between January 17−February 24. All applications are considered equally no matter when they are submitted, so there's no benefit in rushing it.For in-person help,…
  • Got a 4- or 5-year-old? Come to our InsideSchools event!

    Written by Lydie Raschka
    Happy 2017 parents of 4 and 5 year-olds! It's time to apply to school. Kindergarten applications for children turning 5-years-old this year are due on Friday, Jan. 13. Pre-kindergarten applications for fall 2017 are due by Feb. 24. Let us help you get informed and ready. Sign up for our free Jan. 11 workshop here. Join Clara Hemphill and the staff of InsideSchools as we release our new book, New York City's Best Public Pre-K…
  • College Counselor: Choosing between public & private

    Written by Dr. Jane S. Gabin
    Q: I have gotten accepted into two universities that I like: one is a prestigious private university, the other a prestigious state university. Both are highly ranked but the private university has the advantage in rankings. On the flip side, it is much more expensive and I can't gauge which one has a better science program. I'm torn as to which university I should choose. A college visit is off the table so I don't…
  • Child born in 2012? Apply to kindergarten now!

    Written by Clara Hemphill
    If you have a child who will turn five in 2017, now is the time to apply to kindergarten for the school year starting in September. Your child is guaranteed a seat regardless of when you enroll, but you'll have the best chance of getting into a school of your choice if you apply by Jan. 13. If you want to learn more about your options, come to our kindergarten workshop Jan. 11, or buy…
  • Top ten reasons to love InsideSchools

    Written by Insideschools staff
    Here’s why you should support InsideSchools with an online gift today: 1. We visit schools in the snow and rain.
2. We’re independent.
3. We’re parents (we get it).
4. We don’t sugarcoat.
5. We know test scores don’t tell the whole story. 
6. We avoid jargon.
7. We call 'em like we see 'em.
8. We do our best to be fair.
9. Our advice is free—24/7.
10. You rely on us.
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  • New book on NYC's best elementary schools out Dec. 13

    Written by Insideschools staff
    For nearly two decades, parents have looked to Clara Hemphill to help them find a good public school for their child. This Fourth Edition of "New York City's Best Public Pre-K and Elementary Schools A Parents' Guide" features all-new reviews of more than 150 of the city's best public elementary schools, based on visits and in-depth interviews by Hemphill and the InsideSchools staff. This essential guide uncovers the "inside scoop" on schools (the condition of the building,…

How to apply to high school

  • Getting started

    New York City is blessed and cursed by the most extensive system of school choice in the country. Everyone must apply to high school. Choose carefully. Once you enroll, it’s really hard to transfer. The yearlong application process begins at the end of 7th grade,… Read more and watch video
  • Weighing your options: close or far?

    The first thing to consider is whether you want a school close to home or far away. Tip: check out the commute before you apply. Imagine what it will be like on a dark, snowy day in February. Some students happily travel halfway across the… Read more and watch video