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Wondering what to do if you, or your 8th-grader, did not get assigned a high school in the first round? Want to find out your options? Need suggestions for a great high school that has room?

Join’s Clara Hemphill, Jacqueline Wayans and Pamela Wheaton for a Twitter chat on high school admissions on Tuesday, March 6, from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM. We welcome guidance counselors and principals to chime in with suggestions too.

Using our @Insideschools Twitter account, we’ll field admissions questions and share advice with 8th and 9th graders, parents, teachers and parent coordinators. We encourage you to share your experiences and to help identify high schools that may be overlooked. We'll provide tips for navigating the second round of high school admissions.

We’ll host the discussion using TweetChat so you don’t need a Twitter account to follow along. (But if you want to comment or ask questions during the chat, you will need a Twitter account.) You may also submit your questions in advance via email to, to our facebook page, or in the comments of this blogpost.

To follow along or contribute to the conversation using TweetChat:

  • Go to the TweetChat website and search the hashtag #insideschools
  • If you have a Twitter account and would like to participate in the conversation, log in with TweetChat
  • Enter your tweets at the top of the page. TweetChat automatically includes the hashtag #insideschools.
  • If you prefer to observe, no need to login or have a Twitter account.
  • We’ll try to keep tabs on Facebook and our email account and include those questions, too.

You can also tweet or direct message @Insideschools in advance with your questions, if you can’t make the scheduled time. We’ll do our best to accommodate everyone. 

If you miss the chat, the conversation will live on through TweetChat. Just visit to see the thread.

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