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Saturday's SHSAT postponed until Nov. 17

Saturday's specialized high school admissions test, scheduled to be taken by all 9th graders and 8th graders needing special accommodations, has been postponed until Nov. 17, the Education Department announced this afternoon.

One of the sites, Brooklyn Technical High School, is still housing evacuees, and another, Stuyvesant, is virtually impossible to reach by subway.

The DOE announced other changes for anxious 8th and 9th graders applying to specialized and other high school:

  • All weekend auditions, interviews and exams have been cancelled and will be rescheduled
  • Auditions at LaGuardia High School scheduled for Nov. 3-4, will be held the following weekend, Nov. 10-11
  • Auditions at Frank Sinatra scheduled for Nov. 3-4, will be held the following weekend, Nov. 10-11
  • The SHSAT scheduled for Oct. 28 will now be held on Nov. 18

Check the DOE's website for more information. So far the DOE has not changed the Dec. 3 due date for high school applications.

(And, if you, and your children have extra time on your hands, check out some of the volunteer opportunities at one of the 60 schools housing evacuees. Evacuees are still very much in residence. Here's a link:



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