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Ask Judy: When should I move for G&T?

Wednesday, 23 January 2013 11:34

Dear Judy,

We currently live in Brooklyn but now we are considering moving to either Riverdale (Bronx), Astoria or Long Island City for reasons of work.

Our daughter is applying for G&T Kindergarten level (she is taking the test next weekend). By when do we have to have physically moved in order to be zoned correctly for the upcoming 2013-2014 academic year? For example, do I need to have an address for April 1st? Does it matter that the address is specifically located within a G&T program school (like PS 122?)

Moving Mom

Dear Moving Mom:
It would be best if you move by April 1 because that will give you time to to change your address in the online registration system before you receive your application. That way you would be offered the correct application for your new district. You may have a few weeks leeway to move before April 19 when applications are due back, but you would have to make contact with the central enrollment to let them know about the new address. You won't need to show proof of address until you register in June but you would need to have a correct new address where you can receive mail before then.
My advice is to move to a district that has multiple gifted programs to increase your options. Check this year's list of programs posted on the DOE website. Make sure that you move to an address that has a good zoned school as a back up plan. Unlike past years, this year the DOE said that there is no guarantee of placement for all students who qualify for district programs.
Note that even if you move to the zone of a school that has a G&T program, such as PS 122, you do not get priority in G&T placement if she qualifies. According to the G&T handbook: "The fact that a G&T program is located in your child's current school or in your child's zoned school does not give your child priority for placement into that school."
As soon as you move, make sure to update your address information online or at your child's pre-kindergarten if she is enrolled in a public school. You can also call 718-935-2009. If you move after early April enrollment officials say they "will make every effort to find an available seat"  but there are no guarantees.
Transfers from a gifted program in one district to a program in another district are rare. Seats sometimes become available due to attrition, but priority would be given to students who already applied but were not given a seat, enrollment officials say.

Kindergarten admission season is now underway and this is a good time to be visiting schools. Your research will help you decide where to move. Good luck!


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