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Charissa Fernandez

Charissa Fernandez

Charissa Fernandez is the Chief Operating Officer of TASC (The After School Corporation). She blogs about what she's reading and other topics at The ExpandED Exchange.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013 13:30

Why the school day should be expanded

Ever since Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed in his State of the State speech to invest state funds in expanding the school day or year, I've been listening for the objections. They cropped up again this week when he proposed in his budget to spend $20 million to expand learning time by at least 25% in high-needs districts.

Objections fall into a few categories. How do we pay for it? What's the benefit from more of the same school day? I've also heard parents say their kids are not robots who can sit at their desks for another three hours. The most depressing remarks are about kids who are so discouraged or disengaged, another minute of school feels like too much.