Kingsbridge Innovative Design Charter School was closed for poor performance after only one year of operation.

Kingsbridge Innovative Design Charter School (KIDS)

295 West 231st Street, 1st Floor
Bronx NY 10463 Map
Charter School

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Our review:

Kingsbridge Innovative Design Charter School (KIDS) opened in September 2010 with students in kindergarten and first grade.  It will expand by one grade per year until it reaches its target capacity serving students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

In addition to instruction in core subjects – English, math, science and social studies – the school emphasizes visual and performing arts. To foster achievement, each class will have two licensed teachers “who will stay with the students over several grades,” according published school information.

Admissions:  By lottery.  Preference given to students residing in District 10.  Check the school’s website for more information or call (917) 858-1191. (December, 2010, information compiled from school’s website).


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