Samuel Tilden High School is closed. For your transcript or proof of graduation, call It Takes a Village Academy at 718-629-2307

Samuel J. Tilden Educational Campus

5800 Tilden Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11203 Map

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The Samuel J. Tilden Educational Campus is comprised of three small high schools: The Cultural Academy for the Arts and Sciences, It Takes a Village Academy, and Kurt Hahn Expeditionary Learning School. Though each school occupies a distinct section of the campus, facilities are shared, including a newly renovated auditorium, a newly renovated playing field, a swimming pool, and multiple gymnasiums.

Campus-wide athletic teams include football and track. The campus is clean and well-kept, with a manicured lawn and flowers. It features spacious hallways that are not overly crowded during passing.

The building formally housed Tilden High School, which graduated its last class in June 2010 after years of poor performance and safety issues.

The Cultural Academy for the Arts and Sciences has a focus on career preparation, offering courses in healthcare and the culinary arts. The school has small class sizes and tries to offer personalized attention to the students, most of whom enter 9th grade with poor academic skills.

It Takes a Village Academy boasts a high graduation rate and has a large population of new immigrants. There is a strong school spirit that culminates in an award-winning robotics team.

Kurt Hahn Expeditionary Learning School offers unique field trips around the city and in the wilderness. Daily advisory classes, called crews, highlight the strong sense of community building.

While the small schools in Tilden Campus are an improvement over the former high school, there is still work to do. While safety has improved markedly, there are still some issues within the campus and in the surrounding neighborhood. All students and guests have to pass through a metal detectors. (Eliana Mascio, November 2012)


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