Professional Pathways High School

Phone: (718) 290-5258
Admissions: 16+
Neighborhood: Sheepshead Bay
District: 22
Grade range: 09 thru 12
Parent coordinator: DOUGLAS STREATER

What's special:

Computer and career focus

The downside:

No track record

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Our review

Professional Pathways High School, opened in 2013, is a small transfer school for older students who are behind in credits. The school uses a personalized approach, project-based learning and a focus on careers and computer literacy to motivate its students.

"Most of our student will graduate academically behind their peers so if they don't have computer literacy" they will be at an extreme disadvantage when they go on to college, said principal David DeCamp, who previously ran the Young Adult Borough Center at Automotive High School.

The career focus also aims at filling gaps. "A lot of our students haven’t had the opportunities to be around adults that have a variety of careers," DeCamp said, and so may not have a good sense of what careers mesh with their skills and interests. To address that, he says, advisories will focus on careers, offering students a look for example at the wide range of job opportunities in the health field. Internships also will be available

Professional Pathways is located in Sheepshead Bay High School.

Special education: The school offers team teaching and support services for students with disabilities. 

Admissions: Professional Pathways accepts new students throughout the school year. Students must be at least 16 years old, have attended a city high school for at least a year, be behind in credits, read at at least a 6th-grade level and be committed to attending high school full time. Interested students should call the school to schedule an intake appointment. All applicants must have an interview and take a test to assess their math and reading levels. (Gail Robinson, interview, June 2013)



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