Lutheran Schools of Flushing and Bayside

3601 Bell Boulevard
Bayside NY 11361 Map
Phone: (718) 225-5502
Website: Click here
Neighborhood: Bayside
Grade range: PK
Full Day
Community-based pre-k
Extended Day
Preference to low-income families: No
Number of seats: 54 full-day seats
Extended hours offered: Yes
Playspace: Indoor/Outdoor (on-site) Playspace
Meals provided: Lunch/Snack(s)
Enhanced Language: No

InsideSchools Review

Our review:

The Lutheran School of Flushing and Bayside was voted "Best of the Boro" by the Queens Courier in 2015. (Lydie Raschka, web report, 2016; photo from the school website)


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