P.S. 106

QUEENS NY 11691 Map
Phone: (718) 327-5828
Website: Click here
Admissions: Neighborhood school
Neighborhood: Far Rockaway
District: 27
Grade range: PK thru 05
Parent coordinator: PAULA FRAZIER

What's special:

Orderly classrooms

The downside:

Hurricane Sandy damaged an early childhood annex

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Our review

PS 106 faces many challenges: its early childhood annex was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy and never repaired, and the school was the subject of a series of New York Post articles claiming that the principal is frequently absent and students watch movies instead of having gym or art classes.

Other observers said the school is not as bad as the Post articles suggest. “Most parents said they were happy with the direction the school is going in,” City Council Member Donovan Richards told Capital New York after visiting the school. “There is significant room for organizational improvement, but the classrooms are orderly, teachers are dedicated, and students are learning,” Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina told Chalkbeat after Deputy Chancellor Dorita Gibson visited the school.

The school’s enrollment has dropped since 2009 and nearly half of the students are chronically absent, according to the DOE data. This is a zoned neighborhood school. (Sabrina Alli, DOE data and News Reports, January 2014)


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