Cornerstone Academy for Social Action

BRONX NY 10475 Map
Phone: (718) 794-6160
Principal: James Bellon
Neighborhood: Westchester
District: 11
Grade range: PK thru 05
Parent coordinator: MAJORIE AUSTIN

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SEPTEMBER 2009 UPDATE: The Cornerstone Academy for Social Action (CASA) has opened its middle school on the fourth floor of CASA elementary, which was previously occupied by Peace and Diversity Academy.  Peace and Diversity has moved to a brand new building in District 12.

MARCH 2007 PREVIEW: As of spring 2007, Cornerstone Academy was just an idea. Its building across the street from Co-op City was under construction with a projected completion date of July 15, 2007. Principal Malissa Mootoo told Insideschools in a telephone interview that she is planning a curriculum built on three pillars: Cultural competency, community action and commitment to academic excellence. Even at the pre-K level, she expects kids to take part in community service. Little ones can share their art with senior citizens and older kids might help out in soup kitchens, for instance. She wants teachers to integrate multicultural and community action into at least two projects per year. The community for which the school is zoned is heavily Caribbean, although the actual boundaries of the zone were not yet determined. The school is scheduled to open in September 2007 with grades pre-Kindergarten to 5th grade and plans to add additional grades up through eighth when there is space.

A District 75 school for autistic elementary school students will occupy the ground floor of the building to be known as the Rosa Parks Educational Complex. Peace and Diversity High School will be housed temporarily on the top floor until its new space is ready. (Judy Baum, March 2007)

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