Sheridan Academy for Young Leaders

BRONX NY 10456 Map
Phone: (718) 538-3411
Neighborhood: Morrisania
District: 9
Grade range: 0K thru 05
Parent coordinator: GILBERTO BRIOSO

What's special:

Safe, clean school with high expectations.

The downside:

Like a lot of schools that serve immigrants, test scores are low.

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The Sheridan Academy for Young Leaders is a safe, clean school housed in the PS 90 building. Opened in 2009 with children in kindergarten through 2nd grade, it added a grade each year and now serves kindergarten through 5th grade. The Department of Education decided to replace PS 90, a very large school, with two smaller schools sharing the building. The other school is the Family School which also opened in September 2009.

Students lead a daily Town Hall meeting to help build a sense of community. Studio in a School offers art classes.

Parents say the school is safe, orderly and has high expectations for students, according to the Learning Environment Survey. Teachers agree that order and discipline are maintained at the school. Attendance is good.

About half the students have English as a Second Language or bilingual classes. Test scores are below average, as is often the case in schools serving a large immigrant population.

Special education: About 40 students receive special education services, including some in self-contained classes.

Admissions: Children zoned for PS 90 may choose between the Family School and Sheridan Academy.  For kindergarten, priority will be given to students who live in the PS 90 school zone. (Clara Hemphill, DOE data, February 2012)

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