P.S. 748 Brooklyn School for Global Scholars

Phone: (718) 382-3130
Website: Click here
Admissions: Neighborhood school/gifted program
Principal: Ursula Annio
Neighborhood: Bath Beach
District: 20
Grade range: PK thru 04
Parent coordinator: DONNA SALERNO

What's special:

Strong leadership

The downside:

No longer open district wide (except for gifted)

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Our review

PS 748, The Brooklyn School for Global Scholars is one of four new elementary schools opened in District 20 in September 2010.  The school houses a district-wide Gifted and Talented (G&T) program. Plans are to expand by one grade per year until it reaches its full capacity serving a pre-K - 5th grade population.

The school opened in the PS 163 building.  According to PS 748's founding principal, Ursula Annio, who spoke with Insideschools by telephone, PS 163 opened in a new building in the neighborhood in September, 2010.   All grades  follow a model that has students focusing on a new interest every six to eight weeks that may include topics such as robotics, pollution, recycling, or visual arts.  Annio plans to invest in technology from the start, bringing laptops and SmartBoards into the classrooms. Students will each be assigned an advisor for the duration of their time at the school.   According to a promotional pamphlet, "these advisors will provide families with continued guidance and support and will come to know the families of student personally." 

The school is safe according to annual surveys, and teachers are very pleased with the leadership. Test scores are fabulous, ranked in the top 25 schools statewide.

A new community center sponsored by the Italian American Federation, located two blocks from the school, is slated to open in 2011.  According to Annio, arrangements are being made for the school to have access to the community center's facilities for athletics and other extra curricular activities.   

Special education:  PS 748 will serve students with special needs, but decisions regarding the class settings offered will be made after all students have enrolled.

Admissions:  PS 748 was originally planned as an unzoned school, open to students residing across District 20, but it is now a zoned school. Pre-K and general education kindergarten applications are available at the District 20 Enrollment Office. Admission will be by lottery if the number of applications submitted exceeds the available seats.  Admission to the G&T program follows the city-wide G&T assessment and application process. (Laura Zingmond, phone interview March 2010, updated January 2013)


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