P.S. 58

BRONX NY 10457 Map
Phone: (718) 583-6866
Admissions: Neighborhood school
Principal: VELMA GUNN
Neighborhood: Tremont/ East Tremont
District: 9
Grade range: 01 thru 05
Parent coordinator: LATANYA HARRIS

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Our review

Located in the East Tremont section of the Bronx, PS 58 serves a largely Hispanic and African American student population in kindergarten through the fifth grade. According to Department of Education records, the school has a large English language learner and special education population. In 2004, PS 58 was identified by the New York State Education Department as a school in need of restructuring because of low student achievement on the 2002 and 2003 state English language arts exam. The following year, 34.7 percent of students in grades 3 through 5 met city and state standards in English, which is below the citywide average but still a 12 percentage point improvement from 2004. Velma Gunn became principal in September, 2005. Her predecessor left after five years of service.

The school gets extra support in services through partnerships with several community organizations including Marquis Studios, an organization providing arts instruction in city public schools and Bronx Arts Ensemble, which runs music and arts programs in many schools throughout the Bronx. To bolster academic achievement, the school uses Read 180, a technology-driven program to improve reading. In other schools employing Read 180, Insideschools.org observed students in computer labs working independently and in small groups on literacy activities tailored to their skill level.

The principal did not respond to our request to visit PS 58. This report was compiled from the Department of Education statistics.

Special education: There are "self-contained" classes, only for children with special needs.

Bi-lingual: The school has "self-contained" bilingual classes for students who do not speak English as their native language. (Laura Zingmond, June, 2006).

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