P.S. 67 Mohegan School

BRONX NY 10460 Map
Phone: (718) 589-8090
Admissions: Neighborhood school
Neighborhood: West Farms
District: 12
Grade range: 0K thru 05
Parent coordinator: MIGDALIA FONTANEZ

What's special:

Commited and warm principal and healthy lunches.

The downside:

Academic performance on the rise, but still has far to go.

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Our review

MARCH 2009 UPDATE: The Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation will move into CS 67's building in September 2009.

JUNE 2004 REVIEW: The walls in PS/MS 67 may be old and in poor condition, but they are brightened by thick canvas painted over with murals. Students at this school are embraced by a warm, nurturing environment, an atmosphere in which the parent coordinator takes time to make special certificates recognizing staff members often overlooked in other schools, from security guards to janitors. While we waited for our tour to begin, we saw an overjoyed mother, gushing that her 3rd-grade son had passed the citywide English Language Arts exam and appreciative that his teacher took the time to call her at home with the good news.

Emily Grimball, the principal since 2001, is calm, even-tempered, and willing to listen to parents even when others disagree with her. Prior to her arrival, the school was performing so poorly that New York State designated it as failing. Children's reading skills still leave something to be desired; only 28 percent of the students were reading at or above grade level, according to 2004 standardized tests. Still, that's more than double the percentage from 1999, and math scores have risen considerably, with 41 percent of the students meeting or exceeding standards. Fourth graders in math were relieved when they were told that all students who started at the school in September (as opposed to those who had entered came mid-year) had passed the citywide exam.

Top on Grimball's to-do list when she arrived was to "minimize class size as much as possible by hiring extra teachers, staff developers, and bringing in direct services to address student needs," she said. Grimball, who has 20 years of teaching experience, has also served as a special education supervisor, a plus given the large number of students with special needs in the school's area, District 12.

We were impressed to see learning going on even in the final days of June, when students anticipating the summer vacation could have been expected to be distracted. In social studies, children were studying the responsibilities of the U.S. president and the electoral process, while 6th grade science students read from their reports on earthquakes. Though many grasped the topic, the teacher had to help them pull out details that deepen understanding of the information. The school also offers classes in technology, art, music, and dance. A case is filled with trophies won by the school's step team and chess club.

At lunch, students ate a healthy, balanced meal of chicken, spinach, and salad one result of a student council food committee that samples food and advises the food services staffers about what they have found.

A brand new library, donated by Christ Church in Harlem, is decorated with framed student artwork and is equipped with two computer stations, modern furniture, and air conditioning. The church also sends volunteers to read to the younger children and is helping renovate the auditorium. (Jacquie Wayans, June 2004)

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