The Walton Avenue School PS 294

BRONX NY 10452 Map
Phone: (718) 293-5970
Admissions: zoned
Neighborhood: South Bronx
District: 9
Grade range: PK thru 04
Parent coordinator: DELIS DELEON

What's special:

Renovated playground

The downside:

Too soon to tell

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Our review

The Walton Avenue Elementary School opened in 2013 with kindergarten - 2nd grade classes, and plans to expand each year until it is a full K-5 school. The school shares its building with another new school PS 311 Lucero ELementary School, and PS 64, which is closing because of poor performance.

The school building has a renovated playground and library.

Admissions: Zoned neighborhood school. (Annaclaire Diianni-Miller, online research, June 2013)

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