P.S. 102 The Bayview

211 72 STREET
Phone: (718) 748-7404
Website: Click here
Admissions: neighborhood school/gifted program
Principal: Cornelia Sichenze
Neighborhood: Bay Ridge
District: 20
Grade range: 0K thru 05
Parent coordinator: MARGARET ELLIOTT SHERI

What's special:

Innovative use of technology including a program for the visually impaired

The downside:

Large, unwieldy size

The InsideStats



Our review

PS 102 is a large neighborhood school with a friendly atmosphere and strong school spirit. “We’re a family. We look out for each other,” teacher Daiana Bertolini told a local newspaper 

Teachers seem satisfied with the principal and administration. They feel supported, trust the principal and say high quality teaching is valued, according to the Learning Environment Survey. More than 90 percent of parents agree the school has high expectations for the students.

Students receive art class and participate in a chess club. There is chorus for 4th and 5th grades, a band for 5th grade students and all 5th grade students create an original opera that is performed in the spring.       

Each year, students look forward to the annual “Night of Stars,” where parents and staff watch more than two dozen performances by the school’s students. “We rehearsed twice a week after school,” said Bertolini, who coordinated the show along with fellow teacher Rosanne Tubio-Cid. “It’s great because it gives the kids something to be a part of and it gets them to overcome their fears,” Bertolini told Bay Ridge Life

PS 102 integrates the latest technology in the curriculum, according to the school’s website. The school has computers in every classroom, SMARTboards on every floor, and laptops for students in grades 3-5. Additionally, the school operates a fully equipped television studio. Students in grades 2-5 develop skills for video production.

Cornelia Sichenze became principal in 2012. She has spent the past 28 years at PS 102. She began as a classroom teacher and reading specialist in 1984 at PS 102. In 2002 she was named assistant principal.

Special education: The school has a large special education program. In 2009, it was praised for its program for the visually impaired and work with Art Education for the Blind 

Admissions: Zoned neighborhood school. The school houses one of the district's gifted programs for high-achieving children. Children are tested in January for admission to the gifted program. (Annaclaire Diianni-Miller, web reports, July 2013)


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