Channel View School for Research

QUEENS NY 11694 Map
Phone: (718) 634-1970
Website: Click here
Admissions: Rockaway Peninsula priority
Wheelchair accessible
Principal: Patricia J. Tubridy
Neighborhood: Rockaway Beach
District: 27
Grade range: 06 thru 12
Parent coordinator: Deshawn Mason

What's special:

High attendance; honors classes; lots of tutoring assistance.

The downside:

School is housed in large building with metal detectors; sharing space is sometimes bumpy.

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Our review

Channel View School for Research, a school for 6th-12th graders located on a barrier island overlooking Jamaica Bay, combines a focus on getting to college with hands-on activities and expeditions. The combination has produced high attendance and graduation rates and better-than-average preparation for college.

"We expect the best from kids," says Principal Pat Turbidy who founded the school in 2004. "The expectation is that the students will graduate and go on to college. We tell kids, 'Do not come if you do not want to wear a uniform and go to college.'"

The school offers a challenging academic program with a well-staffed support structure. Middle school students have English classes seven times a week to bolster student literacy. Some students take eight periods of math. More than a quarter of the student body comes to school on Saturday mornings for SAT prep, Regents prep or to make up work, Turbidy said.

For advanced students, there is an honors class in each grade. These students are epected to take two Regents exams in 8th grade. There is also a handful of Advance Placement classes and a College Now program.

For students who are struggling, there are a dozen teachers who do small group tutoring during lunch. They also take a support class during the school day in place of a non-required class such as dance or computer.

Like all schools in the Outward Bound network, 6th and 9th graders go on a weeklong wilderness trip that teaches teamwork and perseverance. It also uses the "crew," system, which is a daily advisory meeting of about 15 students who stay together with one teacher through their middle school years, and then another group that stays together during high school.

A partnership with Jet Blue Airlines provides internships for older students. It also offers free flights for college visits. About twice a month, students go on field trips to places like the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Whitney, or to clean up the beach and then complete a statistical analysis of the project.

Students are expected to complete 50 hours of community service in middle school and up to 100 hours when they are seniors.

Channel View shares space with several other schools at Beach Channel High School, which is phasing out and will be closed in 2014. Space sharing sometimes makes scheduling difficult, but the school has its own floor and lunch period.

Special education: There is one Integrated Co-Teaching class in each grade. Students also get services in the Resource Room. There is also an autism spectrum disorder program. This school also hosts an ASD Nest Program for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Students with ASD learn in a classroom alongside typically developing children, taught by two teachers who have been trained in the program’s specialized curriculum and teaching strategies.

College admissions: The school hired an extra guidance counselor who is devoted to college and career readiness. About half of college-bound students go to two-year and half to four-year colleges. About a third go to CUNY schools; others go to SUNY, Rutgers or private schools such as St. John's, Hofstra, Howard, and St. Mary's.

After-school: Activities include photography, jazz, steel drum band chess. There are lots of campus-wide sports teams.

Admissions: Middle school: test scores, grades, and teacher recommendations are taken into account. Students must come in for an interview and parents must sign a contract agreeing to appropriate student behavior. High School: Continuing 8th graders must re-apply, but if they rank Channel View first, they are guaranteed a seat, Turbidy said. For those new to the school, District 27 residents or students who attend an information session have priority. (Meredith Kolodner, interviews September 2012)

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