Life Sciences Secondary School

Phone: (212) 348-1694
Website: Click here
Admissions: Districts 2 & 4; Ed. Opt.
Neighborhood: Upper East Side
District: 2
Grade range: 06 thru 12
Parent coordinator: CECILIA MARSHALL

What's special:

Collaboration with Mt. Sinai Hospital

The downside:

Cramped facilities; no outdoor space

Middle School Stats


High School Stats


Our review

Life Sciences was founded in 1998 in collaboration with Mt. Sinai School of Medicine to encourage black and Hispanic students to prepare for careers in medicine. High school students must take four years of math and science and may attend lectures and demonstrations at Mt. Sinai, according to the school website.

Most students enter this combined middle and high school with poor academic skills, but about three-quarters graduate on time. Teachers say academic standards are high. Principal Genevieve Stanislaus, who took the helm in 2001, is an effective manager who is trusted by the staff, according to the Learning Environment Survey.

Students say they feel safe in class, but there are some complaints about fights. About one-quarter of the students who responded to the survey said they don’t always feel safe outside the building or in the hallways, bathrooms and locker rooms. Many students and some teachers said the building is dirty.

The school is housed in a small, early 20th-century red brick building on the border of Districts 2 and 4. Its hallways are cramped, the classrooms are small and there is no outdoor space. Facilities include a renovated auditorium, library, dance room, computer lab and a fitness room equipped with commercial quality cardio and resistance machines. The "gym" is a thin strip of space at the rear of the auditorium fitted with a gym floor and basketball hoops.

There are no metal detectors, but a student ID system helps track chronically truant students as well as those cutting classes. Students must wear uniforms of a shirt emblazoned with the school emblem and pants other than jeans.

Special education: The school offers SETSS (special education teacher support services), self-contained classes for student with special needs only and "collaborative team taught" (CTT) classes, where two teachers work with a group of special- and general education students.

Admissions: Admission to the middle school is open to students from Districts 2 and 4. The high school follows the education option formula which admits students of all levels of achievement. Roughly 75 students are admitted to the 6th grade and 150 to the 9th grade each year. (Laura Zingmond, October 2007, updated with DOE statistics, November 2012)

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