Bronx Regional High School

BRONX NY 10459 Map
Phone: (718) 292-3638
Website: Click here
Admissions: 16+
Neighborhood: Morrisania
District: 12
Grade range: 10 thru 12

What's special:

Free health and dental clinic

The downside:

Spotty attendance, dangerous neighborhood

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Our review

Founded in 1980, Bronx Regional High School serves students, mostly from the Bronx, who are looking for a path to graduation after experiencing setbacks in a traditional high school. Many students are intimately familiar with the troubles of living in a high crime, low-income neighborhood: gangs, teen-pregnancies, homelessness, and domestic violence. The school aims to increase self-esteem and instill an enthusiasm for learning that will empower its students to go on to college or the work force. 

The school shares a building with two other alternative schools, Arturo A. Schomburg Satellite Academy and Roads Charter High School 2. A GED program and a LYFE center that offers daycare for the children of students are also housed in the building. Security was stepped up after a student was shot in December 2012. A school administrator said that since the incident, "There are many many more police in the building, and we have cameras everywhere." The Department of Education planned to install metal detectors, long eschewed by long-time Principal Colin Thomas who has long taken pride in the level of trust in the building. 

The school day runs from 7 am to 4 pm and consists of a mostly no-frills education, with just enough courses to allow students to graduate. All classes have SMART boards, laptops and calculators that are regularly used to support student learning. North Central Bronx Hospital works with the school to tell students about the medical field, while the Cornell University Cooperative Extension conducts nutrition workshops to prevent obesity. Montefiore Medical Center offers free medical and dental services, and students receive birth control, teeth cleanings, and psychological treatment in the building. The center also serves students' children.

Students can stay late for after-school tutoring and extended day creative arts programming. PSAL Alternative League sports includes boys and girls basketball, girls volleyball, co-ed bowling and softball.

Low attendance continues to be an issue at the school. Awards programs for good attendance and financial incentives are some of the ways the administration is attempting to address the problem, according to the Department of Education's Quality Review Report.

Special education: The school offers SETSS.

Admissions: Students must be 16 years of age or older. The admissions process includes an application, a school visit and an interview with a parent or guardian. (Aimee Sabo, online reports and interviews, November 2013)

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