International Leadership Charter High School

BRONX NY 10463 Map
Phone: (718) 562-2300
Website: Click here
Admissions: Lottery/District 10 priority
Wheelchair accessible
Principal: Elaine Ruiz Lopez
Neighborhood: Tremont/ East Tremont
District: 10
Grade range: 09 thru 12

What's special:

School offers Chinese and Tae Kwo Doe

The downside:

State reviewer criticized quality of teaching

The InsideStats


Our review

International Leadership Charter School offers student the chance to study Chinese, learn Tae Kwon Do, or take part in the Model United Nations. However, there have been multiple complaints about the school leadership from parents, students and staff, according to a state report.

On the positive side, it’s an orderly school where students wear uniforms. The school has a high graduation rate and good attendance. Graduates have been admitted to Fordham University, St. John’s University, and Mercy College, as well as SUNY and CUNY schools, according to the school website. It is led by Roberta Cummings, director of instruction, [pictured on the left] and head of school, Dr. Elaine Ruiz-Lopez. [on the right in the photo from school’s website].

“Students say they feel exceptionally comfortable and respected in the school,” according to a state review of the school.

However, the state received “multiple complaints” about the school from parents, teachers and students. “These complaints have centered on the effectiveness of the school leadership and a lack of consistent communication from the school and the board,” state reviewers said in a report recommending renewal of the charter in 2011.

The report was also critical of the quality of teaching. Students sit in rows and rarely interact with one another; they respond to questions with one or two words, the report said. Students read poems and short stories rather than longer works of literature. A senior project consisted of talking for two or three minutes about a cartoon in Glamour magazine, the report said.

The New York Post reported that Ruiz-Lopez fired four teachers and expelled students without due process in the school’s first year in 2006-07.

The school has a high attrition rate, according to data on the state education website. About 100 9th graders are admitted each year, but there are fewer than 70 12th graders. The school is housed in an office building, but plans to move to permanent quarters in 2013.

Admissions: Lottery. (Clara Hemphill, school website and DOE documents, September, 2012)


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