Academy for Health Careers

Phone: (718) 773-0128
Website: Click here
Admissions: Brooklyn priority
Principal: Deonne Martin
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
District: 17
Grade range: 09 thru 11

What's special:

A safe haven with good health career facilities

The downside:

Too early to know if the CTE focus will work

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Our review

 The Academy for Health Careers aspires to prepare students for jobs in medical support services--one of the fastest growing job sectors, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Armed with a strong foundation in health studies, graduates may then pursue professional certification or a higher degree on their path to become, for example, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), x-ray technicians or administrators in health information billing and coding.

The school got off to a rocky start in 2010 when its plans to open in the place of Maxwell High School in East New York were halted due to a union lawsuit. Health Careers was shifted to an office building in District 13 for a year, before finally moving to the fourth floor of Paul Robeson in Crown Heights in September 2011.

In its new location, Health Careers has the facilities that it needs to fulfill its mission of preparing kids for health-related professions. In addition to a gym, cafeteria, library, and computer and science lab, the school also has a medical facility room where students get hands-on experience with various elements of healthcare, from learning to take a patient’s vitals to studying blood samples under a microscope. A simulated ambulance offers further preparation for students aiming to become emergency medical technicians.

In each grade, students focus on a different health-related topic: Ninth graders get an overview of the healthcare system, 10th graders tackle emergency medicine, 11th graders focus on hospital patient care, and 12th graders explore biomedical technology. During the school year, students have the opportunity to take field trips to hospitals and other health-related sites. A partnership with Stonybrook University Hospital brings expertise from the field into the school.

The 2011-2012 Learning Environment Survey reflects improvements in the school’s learning conditions since its move in 2011. Over 80 percent of teachers and students said they feel safe at the school, although nearly one-third have concerns about safety outside the building. The relationship between Principal Deonne Martin and her staff appears strong with the majority of teachers citing her as an effective manager who keeps the school running smoothly. Still, more than one-third of teachers had concerns about order and discipline.

Special education: Students with special needs comprise 15 percent of the student body and learn alongside their general education peers. The school offers speech, counseling and Special Ed. Teacher Support Services (SETSS), although three positions for occupational therapy and one for physical therapy remain unfilled as of the 2011-12 Special Education Service Delivery Report.

College: There are currently no Advanced Placement or College Now classes offered. There is a guidance counselor who is responsible for helping students with the college application process. The school’s first graduating class will matriculate in 2014.

 Admission: Priority is given to Brooklyn students or residents who attend an information session. (Mimi Sabo, DOE statistics, November 2012)




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