Eagle Academy for Young Men III

QUEENS NY 11434 Map
Phone: (718) 480-2600
Neighborhood: Springfield Gardens
District: 29
Grade range: 06 thru 09
Parent coordinator: JANICE SHERWOOD

What's special:

All boys school

The downside:

Too new to have a track record

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Our review

The Eagle Academy for Young Men III is part of a network of all-boys schools founded by One Hundred Black Men, Inc. The school opened in 2010 in the I.S. 59 building with a 6th grade and will expand by one grade per year until it reaches its target capacity serving grades 6 to 12.

Like its brother schools, Eagle Academy for Young Men, and Eagle Academy for Young Men at Ocean Hill, Eagle Academy III's mission is to boost the achievement of young men from poor and at-risk backgrounds.  At school students are "provided with advisors, supportive mentors, and a devoted faculty, committed to providing a strong support system for all our young men," according to the DOE's website.  The school offers extra academic support on weekends and during the summer through two signature Eagle Academy Foundation programs:  The Saturday Institute and Summer Bridge.

Teachers agree the school is an orderly and disciplined place with high expectation for all students, according to the Learning Environment Survey. Teachers say they trust the principal and say he always puts children's needs first.

Special education:  In the school's first year, it offered Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETTS) and and Collaborative Team Teaching Classes.

Admissions:  Open to residents of Queens.  Priority goes to students who demonstrate interest by signing in at a school tour, information session, open house or middle school fair. (Laura Zingmond, August 2010, updated February 2012)

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