Bronx High School for Writing and Communication Arts

BRONX NY 10467 Map
Phone: (718) 944-5660
Website: Click here
Neighborhood: Norwood
District: 11
Grade range: 09 thru 12

What's special:

Arts integrated into a unique writing curriculum.

The downside:

Discipline can be a problem.

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Our review

Students at the Bronx High School for Writing and Communication Arts may see an Off-Broadway play, put on skits that bring an historic figure to life, or write their own version of a classic play. Students work with professional writers, actors and artists as part of a partnership with  Epic Theater Center, a New York City-based theatrical company.

The school prides itself on its writing focus. “We are a community of writers," the High School Directory states. "Students write poetry, drama, fiction, non-fiction and songs. They write for school publications, participate in poetry slams, act in school plays, make films, create artwork and dance.”

While most students say they feel safe in class, some complain of fights and one-third of teachers responding to the 2011-12 Learning Environment Survey said there are discipline problems. Students must pass through metal detectors to enter the school. iOn the positive side, 85 percent of students said that they feel welcome at school. 

The school offers Advanced Placement classes in English, Spanish and Environmental Science.

Since Terri Lynn Grey, formerly principal of Brooklyn Generation School and an elementary and middle school science teacher, became principal in 2011, teacher ratings of the school culture have improved, though more than a third reported that they would not recommend this school to parents.

Afterschool, a variety of clubs are available in addition to a step team and building-wide PSAL sports.

The school opened in fall 2004 in the Evander Childs Educational Complex along with Bronx Lab School, Bronx Academy of Health Careers, High School for Contemporary Arts, Bronx Aerospace High School and High School of Computers and Technology.

Special education: The school offers SETSS (special education teacher support services) for students who need extra help.

Admission: The school gives priority to Bronx students and those who attend an information session or otherwise make contact with the school. (Aryn Bloodworth, DOE Statistics, November 2012)

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