Bronx High School for the Visual Arts

BRONX NY 10462 Map
Phone: (718) 319-5160
Website: Click here
Wheelchair accessible
specialized arts
Principal: G Jones
Neighborhood: Norwood
District: 11
Grade range: 09 thru 12
Parent coordinator: DAPHNE STOKES

What's special:

Rich arts curriculum.

The downside:

Some issues with discipline.

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Our review

Founded in 2002, the Bronx High School for Visual Arts offers a rich arts curriculum. Some students have internships at organizations such the Bronx Museum and the Whitney Museum of American Art. The school, which shares a building with a District 75 school for severely disabled students, has a new library and a new computer lab.

All students take four years of art which may include studio art, graphic design, photography, ceramics and sculpture. The school has a partnership with Lehman College Art Gallery. The school offers a regular Regents-prep curriculum.

Most students say they feel safe in school, although some complain that there are physical fights from time to time, according to the Learning Environment Survey. Nearly half the teachers say there are issues with order and discipline, according to the survey.

There are no sports offered. However, students may participate in the Christopher Columbus High School Sports team.

Admissions: Students who attend an open house get preference. (Clara Hemphill, DOE statistics, March 2012)

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