Progress High School for Professional Careers

Phone: (718) 387-0228
Website: Click here
Admissions: Educational option
Wheelchair accessible
Neighborhood: Williamsburg/ Greenpoint
District: 14
Grade range: 09 thru 12
Parent coordinator: EMELY CRUZ

What's special:

A safe, supportive environment

The downside:

School has been slow to offer professional programs

The InsideStats


Our review

Progress High School for Professional Careers is one of three high schools sharing a campus at what used to be Eastern District High School. Unlike its violence-plagued predecessor, this school offers a welcoming, secure atmosphere. It struggles, however, to help students become truly ready for college and career.

Despite its name, the school has been slow to offer and maintain professional programs, with only one career program in 2012: medicine. About 27 students selected for this program at the end of their first year spend time at Woodhull Hospital and take anatomy, physiology and Advanced Placement biology.

In fall 2013, Progress plans to offer a teaching program (in which students will help out at neighborhood elementary schools), and a business program leading to CISCO certification. There is also an arts program with both drama and visual art.

In their responses to the Learning Environment Survey, students generally said they felt welcome in their school and supported by their teachers. An overwhelming majority said they felt safe, and the school has a very low suspension rate.

One student we spoke with had high praise for the school’s faculty. “The teachers are so interactive with you,” she said. “They give you the attention you need.”

Althought the students we spoke to were positive, the school doesn’t work for everyone. Its graduation rate has declined in recent years and attendance is below average. Most of the graduates who enroll in college need to take remedial courses at CUNY, according to DOE statistics. There is no dedicated college counselor, although there is a guidance counselor.

Progress students, along with those from the School for Legal Studies and the High School for Enterprise, Business and Development, make up the Grand Street Campus Wolves, who field a number of varsity and junior varsity sports teams.

Special education: Progress offers team teaching classes and recently reintroduced some self-contained classes. The school offers a particularly supportive environment for English language learners who also need special ed services, a counselor says.

Admissions: Students are selected using the educational option method, with priority given to applicants from Brooklyn. A counselor said most students who want to attend get in. (Gail Robinson, DOE statistics, interviews at the high school fair, October 2012)

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