Union Square Academy for Health Sciences

Phone: (212) 253-3110
Admissions: Limited unscreened
Neighborhood: Gramercy Park
District: 2
Grade range: 09 and 10
Parent coordinator: CLARE FULHAM

What's special:

New school hopes to train dental assistants and pharmacy technicians

The downside:

Plans are still a work in progress

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Our review

Union Square Academy for Health Sciences, a new school in the Washington Irving High School building, plans to offer students the chance to study to be a dental assistant or a pharmacy technician.

Washington Irving High School is being closed because of poor performance and replaced with a number of small schools. Bernardo Ascona, who has been principal of the large Washington Irving, will be principal of the new small school. Ascona is working with St. John’s University to develop a curriculum, and hopes eventually to have New York University School of Dentistry as a partner as well.

“It’s a work in progress,” he acknowledged.

The school will have a traditional academic curriculum, and the administration also hopes to offer a career and technical education (CTE) certificate.

The school will share sports teams with other schools in the building. At least half the teachers will be hired from Washington Irving High School. The building has metal detectors.

Admissions: Limited unscreened. Priority given to students who attend an open house or fair. (Clara Hemphill, February 2012)

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