International High School for Health Sciences

48-01 90 STREET
QUEENS NY 11373 Map
Phone: (718) 595-8600
Admissions: New immigrants & non-English speakers in Queens
new immigrants
Principal: CARL FINNEY
Neighborhood: Elmhurst
District: 24
Grade range: 9
Parent coordinator: Randy Pena

What's special:

School prepares English language learners for careers in health and medicine

The downside:

Too soon to tell

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Our review

The International High School for Health Sciences, opening on the campus of  Newtown High School in September 2013, seeks to prepare students new to the United States for college work and careers in health. As a member of the Internationals Network of Public Schools, it offers small classes and personalized attention for students who come in speaking a variety of different languages and have widely varying educational backgrounds.

All classes are conducted in English, though the school has many staff members who speak another language. To help students learn English, and to insure that those with limited proficiency understand the subject matter, Health Sciences takes a hands-on approach to learning about biology and other subjects. For example, having students extract and analyze DNA, says proposed school leader C. Anthony Finney, provides students with a "rich context" in which to learn English. Finney taught biology at another Internationals Network school, Flushing International.

The school offers the standard four-year sequence for a Regents diploma. Ninth-graders take a course in health careers and 10th-graders study public health and global health. There is an intern program for 11th-graders. Students also gain practical skills including CPR and first aid. Finney anticipates that the health focus will influence the overall curriculum, so in English literature students might study a play with a public health theme.

Students participate in sports with Newtown High School.

Admissions: Students must have been in the United States for less than four years and be learning English. Queens residents have priority, though the school is open to new immigrants from throughout the city. (Gail Robinson, April 2013, based on interviews and information from the high school fair)

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