The Queens College School for Math, Science and Technology

QUEENS NY 11367 Map
Phone: (718) 461-7462
Website: Click here
Admissions: Lottery/unzoned
Neighborhood: Flushing/ College Pt.
District: 25
Grade range: PK thru 08
Parent coordinator: LORA ROWE

What's special:

School accepts children by lottery from all over Queens.

The downside:

Some teachers say discipline could be improved.

The Inside Stats


Our review

PS/IS 499, housed in a new building on the Queens College campus, accepts students by lottery from anywhere in Queens. It offers an open house to prospective parents in the fall. Families must apply for the lottery online in January. The school has high test scores and a good record of admissions to selective high schools, according to the Comprehensive Education Plan.

Parents say they feel welcome and nearly all say they are satisfied with their children’s education, according to the Learning Environment Survey. Teachers say the school has high expectations and the staff works together well. However, one-third of teachers say order and discipline could be better, and both parents and students say children are sometimes bullied. One-quarter of teachers say communication between the administration and the staff needs work, according to the Learning Environment Survey. The administration has put in place an anti-bullying campaign and is working to improve communication, according to the Comprehensive Education Plan.

The school has a pleasant physical plant. Soothing light filters through walls of windows, which offer panoramic views of Flushing. There is an attractive library. Bathrooms are attached to all the younger students' classrooms, which also feature sinks. A dance room has appropriate springy flooring. And although some people find the building surfaces gray and dull, the Concrete Design Institute presented PS 499's architects with an award for best concrete architecture.

Each floor has an airy atrium, where kids sprawl out to work on projects. There is a fully equipped science lab. Queens College sends student teachers to the school. Students wear navy white and blue uniforms.

Special education: The schools offers Special Education Teacher Support Services and self-contained classes.

The school has not responded to Insideschools’ requests to visit. This report is based on current Department of Education data and notes on the physical plant from our last visit in 2005.

Admissions: Fill out an online lottery in January. Admissions results are announced in mid-February. (Clara Hemphill, DOE data, February, 2012)

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