I.S. 141 The Steinway

37-11 21 AVENUE
QUEENS NY 11105 Map
Phone: (718) 278-6403
Admissions: Neighborhood school
Neighborhood: Astoria/ LI City
District: 30
Grade range: 06 thru 08
Parent coordinator: STELLA CATECHIS

What's special:

Happy parents and ethnically diverse student body

The downside:

Not a lot of arts

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Our review

Located in northern Astoria, IS 141 is a large zoned middle school with happy parents and a diverse student body. Students hail from Eastern Europe, South Asia, and Latin America, and dozens of languages are spoken in the building. The school is divided into three academies, each with its own assistant principal, dean, and guidance counselor to support the students.

IS 141 is led by Miranda Pavlou, who became principal in 2007 after working as an assistant principal at the school. Teachers report that Pavlou is an effective manager who understands how children learn, according to the Learning Environment Survey.

The school has high expectations for its students, and students say that they have to work hard to do well in their classes, according to the Learning Environment Survey. Students have the option of taking the Algebra Regents class if they want a more challenging math class. Spanish is the only foreign language offered, according to the Middle School Directory.

Partnerships with the NASA Explorer Program and the Environmental Protection Agency enrich science classes through field trips to the Goddard Space center or the EPA’s ocean survey vessel, EPA BOLD.

One downside is that the school is light on the arts. Just 20 percent of students said they took a visual arts class and 33 percent took a music class in the 2012-2013 school year, according to the Arts in Schools Report.

Extracurricular activities include chess club, drama club, and an environmental club. Students may also participate in basketball and volleyball.

English language learners: PS 141 has one self-contained class for English language learners in each grade.

Special education: There are self-contained classrooms with only special education students and one ICT classroom, where special education and general education students learn side by side with two teachers.

Admissions: Zoned school with some spaces for children outside the zone through a magnet grant program, which has a focus on math, science, and environmental engineering. (Pauline Zaldonis, web reports, November 2013) 

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