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IS 183 The Paul Robeson School

339 Morris Ave.
BRONX NY 10451 Map

Our review

IS 183, The Paul Robeson School, has been closed because of poor performance. Three new schools - MS 203, MS 224 and Bronx Academy of Letters - are now housed in the IS 183 building.

According to a 2002 Youth Beat article, "In 2001, a knife fight broke out in the schoolyard and an assistant principal quit after several students beat him up and placed a trash can over his head.... In 1999, when the school had its lowest test scores, only 3 percent of the students met city and state standards in math, as compared to 25 percent throughout the city. In reading, 7 percent of I.S. 183 students met the standards, compared to a citywide rate of 31 percent." (Vanessa Witenko, August 2007


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