Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation

BRONX NY 10460 Map
Phone: (718) 991-2695
Admissions: District 12
Neighborhood: West Farms
District: 12
Grade range: 06 thru 11
Parent coordinator: LIZETTE HILL

What's special:

Trips to zoos, parks and the Bronx River

The downside:

Working to improve test scores along with discipline

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Our review

UA School for Wildlife Conservation, sometimes dubbed the "zoo school" for its work with the Bronx Zoo, aims to nudge kids in the direction of careers in science by getting them outside exploring the world.

Students leave the building at least once a month to explore parks, zoos and aquariums. They monitor the water quality in the Bronx River, plant trees in Van Cortland Park and help out in a community garden. The school offers electives in marine biology and environmental science.

Many students come in with low skills and test scores have a ways to go. Those who lag behind can get extra support in the extended day program. 

Once on a list of schools with the most suspensions in the city, teachers have learned strategies for curbing bad behavior, through their work with a group called Turnaround for Children. The school has seen a dramatic change in satisfaction rates among students, teachers and parents on surveys provided by the city.

See the chess club, and samples of student photography on the school's website. [photo at right from the website]

Long-time principal Mark Ossenheimer has had many years of experience in education, including three years as principal of Wildwood School in Los Angeles, which follows a "learning by doing" model.

The school is housed in PS 67. Urban Assembly is a non-profit group that helps create college prep schools in under-served neighborhoods.

Admissions: Limited unscreened, priority to Bronx residents (Lydie Raschka, web reports and DOE data, November 2013)

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