J.H.S. 13 Jackie Robinson

Phone: (212) 860-8935
Admissions: No new admits
Neighborhood: East Harlem
District: 4
Grade range: 07 and 08
Parent coordinator: KAREN SMITH

What's special:

Close to subway and Central Park.

The downside:

Closing because of poor performance.

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Our review

JUNE 2013 UPDATE: JHS 13 is being phased out and replaced after years of poor performance. No new students were admitted in September 2013, and the phase-out will be completed in June 2015. The DOE has proposed to extend the co-location of the East Harlem Scholars Academy I and to co-locate East Harlem Scholars Academy II in the building.

MAY 2012 REVIEW: This small middle school has gone through three name changes since Jacob Michelman became principal in January 2004—Central Park Prep, Central Park East Middle School and now JHS 13 Jackie Robinson. It shares the Jackie Robinson Educational Complex with two well-known alternative schools, Central Park East I, (an elementary school) and Central Park East High School. It is centrally located between Central Park and the Lexington Avenue subway.

While the elementary school has long been popular among an eclectic, multi-racial mix of families committed to progressive education and the high school has good attendance and a high graduation rate, the middle school suffers from poor attendance and very low levels of academic achievement. Its enrollment shrank from more than 400 students in 2007 to fewer than 250 in 2012. The school has a large proportion of children with special needs. About 10 percent are still learning English.

There is some friction between the administration and staff. About half of the teachers who responded to the Learning Environment Survey said the principal is a poor manager. Only 38 percent said order and discipline are maintained. Nearly 30 percent of students said they did not feel safe in hallways, bathrooms or locker-rooms.

Special education: Nearly one-third of the children receive special education services. There is one self-contained special education class for students with special needs only.

Admissions: Students may apply through the District 4 choice application. (Clara Hemphill, DOE statistics, May 2012)

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