M.S. 223 The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology

BRONX NY 10454 Map
Phone: (718) 292-8627
Website: Click here
Admissions: District 7 choice
Principal: Ramon Gonzalez
Neighborhood: South Bronx
District: 7
Grade range: 06 thru 09
Parent coordinator: WANDA HILL

What's special:

A dynamic principal who raises lots of money

The downside:

Test scores are a bit below citywide average

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Our review

The Laboratory School for Finance and Technology has a dynamic principal, energetic teachers and lots of interesting projects and class trips. Begun as a middle school in 2003, MS 223 opened a high school in the same building in 2013 to provide students with continuity and better preparation for college.

Founding principal Ramon Gonzalez, who grew up on welfare, attended public schools in East Harlem, and went on to win a scholarship to Cornell University, is determined to offer the children of the South Bronx the same educational opportunities that allowed him to rise from poverty. The school has a cheerful, welcoming feel, and the children seem happy to be here.

Gonzalez has been an aggressive--and successful--fund-raiser and his school benefits from extra resources. MS 223 was one of 40 middle schools chosen to have a special 2 ½ hour “extended learning day,” beginning in 2013. It was chosen to receive a special curriculum in computer programming and software engineering. In April, 2010, MS 223 was named a finalist in the Intel Schools of Distinction Awards for implementing innovative math programs and serving as a model for other schools. 

The building, shared with another 6-12 school, Bronx Prep, has a new $1.7 million science lab, library and $900,000 media center, DNAinfo reported. [Photo from DNAinfo]

Entering 6th graders attend a “summer bridge” program that offers trips to museums, music lessons and sports as well as academic classes.

“We didn’t want it to look like school. We wanted it to look like camp and to give them experiences that will help them to be better students when they come to our school,” Gonzalez said in a video posted on the school website.

Middle school students may take part in regular classes conducted in English or in a dual language program designed to help students be write and speak fluently in both languages. In the dual language program, math is taught exclusively in English, while science social studies and technology are taught exclusively in Spanish. Students also receive traditional language arts instruction in both English and Spanish.

The schools tests scores, while lower than the citywide average, are higher than most schools in the South Bronx.  

High school students may choose from three tracks: Spanish, finance or technology. Each will lead to related internships and college credits, according to DNAinfo.

Special education: The school offers team teaching and self-contained classes.

Admissions: District 7 choice for middle school. Limited unscreened for high school. Native speakers of Spanish may apply for high school dual language program. (Clara Hemphill, web reports, September 2013)


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