M.S. 101 Edward R. Byrne

BRONX NY 10465 Map
Phone: (718) 829-6372
Website: Click here
Admissions: lottery/selective
Principal: Jared Rosoff
Neighborhood: Throgs Neck
District: 8
Grade range: 06 thru 08
Parent coordinator: TERESA WONG

What's special:

Advanced classes for top students; extra help for kids who need it

The downside:

A few kids grumble that students don't respect one another

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Our review

Located in a pleasant residential neighborhood in Throgs Neck, MS 101 attracts children from across District 8. It offers accelerated academics for children in the gifted program as well as intensive reading help for children who need it.

Jared Rosoff, former assistant principal of the citywide gifted school, NEST+m, in Manhattan, became principal in December 2012. Rosoff has encouraged parents to be involved by inviting them to have breakfast with him at the school. He has also scheduled student concerts at the same time as PTA meetings. “Before, we didn’t have a quorum at PTA meetings,” he said. “I’m bringing the community back in.”

For top students, the school offers a demanding curriculum that includes Regents-level Earth Science and algebra in the 8th grade. Rosoff is also experimenting with giving 8th graders the English Regents, typically offered to 11th graders.

MS 101 has joined the Middle School Quality Initiative (MSQI) designed to offer struggling readers special instruction in small groups. Children come in early three mornings a week and have reading groups, similar to those typically found in elementary school. Ensuring that all students graduate from 8th grade ready to read high school texts is Rosoff's top priority. He hired a former elementary school teacher as an assistant principal to help in this initiative.

While the school is safe and orderly, a few children grumble that students don’t always treat one another with respect, according to the Learning Environment Survey. To address that, Rosoff has instituted a program called Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) which gives rewards to students for good behavior—such as picking up a scrap of litter in the hall or running an errand for the office staff. “Before, there was no reward for kids who were doing the right thing,” Rosoff said.

The school has a good record of sending graduates to top high schools. Recent graduates have been admitted to Bronx High School of Science, The High School of Anerican Studies at Lehman College, Bronx Cente for Science and Mathematics, Townsend Harris in Queens and Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematcis,

Special education: The school offers a range of special education services including self-contained and team-teaching classes. A few students from the District 75 school in the building, P 10, are integrated into regular classes.

Admissions: District 8. One-third of the students are chosen based on their attendance and test scores. The other two-thirds are chosen at random. (Clara Hemphill, October 2013)  



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