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I.S. 143 Performing & Fine Arts

800 Gates Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11221 Map

Our review

JUNE 2008 UPDATE: The school was closed due to poor performance in 2008.  The building now houses IS 267, La Cima Charter School, and Bedford Stuyvesant Collegiate Charter School.

SEPTEMBER 2006 UPDATE: As of the fall of 2006, the school's principal is Adofo Muhammed.

JANUARY 2006 UPDATE: The school has been placed on the state's list of Schools Under Registration Review because of consistently poor academic performance.

JUNE 2005 PROFILE: Located in a low-income neighborhood, near the elevated "JZ" train, IS 143 has recent immigrants from Jamaica, Trinidad, and Yemen. Although the school refused our repeated requests for a visit, we did learn that the school has a choir and dance ensemble. According to an article in the Daily News, in 2002, the IS 143 choir received new robes and the dance group received white dance outfits paid for by the 81st Precinct.

Test scores are terribly low, but have risen slightly in recent years. In 2002, only 10 percent of students passed the state English Language Arts test, and in 2005 that number rose to 14 percent. The math scores had similar improvements. In 2002, six percent of the students passed the state math tests, and in 2004 that number rose to 16 percent. Test scores are still far below average, as is the school's 88 percent attendance rate. The rate of teacher absences is above the citywide average. (Vanessa Witenko, June 2005)

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