Are you confused about where your special needs child is supposed to report to school on Sept. 8? Are you concerned that the school doesn't offer the services he needs? Maybe you haven't heard yet about when or where the school bus will pick him up.

Anticipating these and other common back-to-school issues, Advocates for Children this week put together a list of commonly asked questions and provides answers in a Q&A published on its website.

The Q&A also provides contact information for Department of Education officials who may be able to help. If they are not able to answer your questions satisfactorily, and you still have unresolved issues, call the the Advocates for Children helpline at 866-427-6033.

Also check out our posts, "DOE answers parents' busing questions" and "A new guide to special education".

And, remember,  special registration centers are open now through Sept. 18 to help with enrollment issues for all children.

Do have any back-to-school concerns about special ed placement? Please comment below.